Trewa - selvadic demo

Selvadic – Demo (2015)

Band : Trewa
Title : Selvadic - Demo
Release Date : 25 Gennaio 2015
Label : Mentalchemy Records
Format : CD

“Selvadic, the demo” paves the way for the next album, “Selvadic”, which will come out in mid 2015!

“Selvadic” (pronuncia /sel’vadik/)

“Selvadic” (pronunciation /sel’vadik/)
Selvadic in dialect of Como means Wildness, literally the quality of being wild or untamed.

1 – Where the Hawks wait ready
2 – The Awakening
3 – Clayton

Trewa are:
Luca Briccola: Guitars, Keyboards, Flutes, Backing Vocals
Filippo Pedretti: Violin, Backing Vocals, Glockenspiel
Lucia Amelia Emmanueli: Vocal, Percussion, Flute
Mirko Soncini: Drum, Percussion, Accordion
Joseph Galvan: Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Claudio Galetti: Vocals
Recorded at Mentalchemy Dungeon Studio between 2014 – 2015

Produced by Luca Briccola

Mixed & Mastered by Luca Briccola

Selvadic – Demo