Many Meetings on a Blithe Journey (2012)

Band : Trewa
Titolo : Many Meetings on a Blithe Journey
Data Pubblicazione : 1 giugno 2012
Etichetta : Mentalchemy Records
Rif. Catalogo : TRE01
Formato : CD

After “At The Firelight” Luca, Marco and Filippo decided to extend the formation and compose new material for this full-length album. As in their first recording, they rearranged old medieval folk songs in a progressive rock style.

Track list:
– La Danse De Finistère (ft. Rakish Paddy)
– Matty Groves
– Hops
– Once I Had A Sweetheart
– Jade Fountain
– Harimannersturm
– John Barleycorn
– Hom Selvadic
– Blithe Our Journey
– The Enchantment And The Moon
– Ælfgifu’s Heritage
– Wedding Dress
– The Chorus

Tot 55:33

Progressive Rock BR [ENG]
Hamelin Prog [ITA]
Koid9 Magazine n°84 [FRA]
RotterClub [ITA]
MusicWaves [FRA]
Music In Belgium [FRA]
Ondalternativa [ITA]
RockIt [ITA]
Proggies [DEU]


Luca Briccola (Guitars, bass, keyboards, flute, percussion & vocals)
Marco Carenzio (Vocals, acoustic guitar & harp)
Filippo Pedretti (Violin & backing vocals)
Mirko Soncini (Drums & backing vocals)
Serena Bossi (Vocals)
Joseph Galvan (Bass)

Special guests:

Pauline Fazzioli (Harp on “Harimannersturm” & “La Danse de Finistére”)
Alberico Giussani (Violin on “The Enchantment and the Moon”)
Auro Perego (Violin on “The Enchantment and the Moon”)
Veronica Marelli (Cello on “The Enchantment and the Moon”)
Melissa Milani (Pipe on “Hom Selvadic”)
Rossana Monico (Harp on “Blithe our Journey”, “Matty Groves” & “Once I had a Sweetheart”)

Recorded at Mentalchemy Dungeon Studio between August 2011 – April 2012

Produced by Luca Briccola

Mixed & Mastered by Luca Briccola