Trewa - Beware the selvadic

Beware the Selvadic (2016)

Band : Trewa
Title : Beware the Selvadic
Release Date : 31 Ottobre 2016
Catalog ref. : TRE02
Format : CD


1 – Skaldic Kin
2 – Where The Hawks Wait Ready
3 – The Soldier’s Scars
4 – Awakening (Nemus Cibeles)
5 – The Woodwose
6 – White Sails
7 – Sublime Selvadic
8 – The Silent Woman
9 – Olaf The Stoner
10 – A Shimmering Sword
11 – A Toast to Prague
12 – Clayton
13 – Horizons

Trewa are:

Luca Briccola (Guitars, keyboards, flutes, accordion, banjo, percussion & backing vocals)
Lucia Amelia Emmanueli (Vocals, flutes & clarinet)
Claudio Galetti (Vocals)
Joseph Galvan (Bass)
Filippo Pedretti (Violin, glockenspiel & backing vocals)
Mirko Soncini (Drum & percussion)

Special Guests:

Irina Solinas (Cello on “Skaldic Kin”, “The Silent Woman” & “Olaf The Stoner”)
Massimo Volonté (Whistles on “Where The Hawks Wait Ready”)
Riccardo Tabbì (Bodhran on “Where The Hawks Wait Ready”, “Selvadic” & “Shimmering Sword”)
Richard George Allen (Vocals on “Sublime Selvadic” & “A Toast to Prague”)
Rossana Monico (Harp on “Sublime Selvadic”)
Melissa Milani (Pipe on “A Shimmering Sword”)

Skaldic Kin is based on the medieval tune “Cantiga n°166”
Where The Hawks Wait Ready is based on the traditional irish tune “Sweeney’s Buttermilk”
Awakening is based on the traditional country tune “Cold Frosty Morning”
Sublime Selvadic is based on the medieval catalan tune “Stella Splendens”
Olaf The Stoner is based on the medieval norse tune “Herr Olof”
Clayton is based on the traditional klezmer tune “Odessa Bulgarish”

Produced and mixed by Luca Briccola.
The album was recorded at the Mentalchemy Sound Dungeon (Como – Italy) between 2014 and 2016.

Violins recorded at the Everybody On The Shore Recording Studio (Milano – Italy) by Giulio Farinelli.

Concept Art by Mattia Zoanni.
Photo by Teo Teuz Musazzi







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